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The Gap / Space

by Kari Veastad © All Rights Reserved



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The Gap / Space

“Take your time and see this image on your unique way.

What do you see?

What is talking to you?

The gap or the silence between future and past in the inner landscape – follow the breathe. We have many spaces in life such as the silence between the dreams / expectations / longings of the future and the sorrows and joys of the past in the backpack “”NOW””. Thoughts and feelings circulate in us all the time and are not finished. The silence in the space can give peace and peace of mind. Have you focused on your breath and observed the space in the silence of inner peace and tranquility. Then you know that regular exercise is necessary and can take time before one calms down in body and mind.

Just being in what is in the inner landscape and accepting that it is like that right now can give FREEDOM from thoughts and feelings that do us no good.
HOPE in hopelessness
CALM in chaos
PEACE in mind
ACCESS to heart vulnerability
BELONGING to something bigger

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