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Learning Stations

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Learning Stations

Take your time and see this image on your unique way.

What do you see?

What is talking to you?

Life learning station is made intuitive, both colors and content come during the process. The meaning for me is that the human mind is very concerned with moving between future and past all the time. Which means rarely in the present and trying to run from deep emotions to gain peace in their doing mode. In the ongoing life we have longings as a driving force, we have dreams, goals and expectations. Expectations and dreams are not fulfilled, we lose someone we love in different ways as can end up in sorrow, anger or bitterness. As we learn and matures we can see that life has many learning stations that enable us to forgive, have joy and be grateful. In between we have the silence and peace where breathe and body has no place to go and we can learn and receive the life as it is. Sometimes, through the breath one can also gain access to something that is much much larger than oneself Each circle has different emotions where we run back and forth during the life and days. And in between occasionally when we observe the breath and stay at home in our body we can find peace of mind, relax and learn what all emotions is telling us. The artwork can be a short reminder to stop up in the running carousel and be present here and now. In the breath and the body that never goes somewhere and where one can get accept the feelings just as they are just now and be aware all the senses. Easy to forget that all emotions are an important part of life and life’s learning stations.
Do you live most in the past, future or presence here and now?

Life learnings stations has been in the 5th International artist Union Exhibition «Art of Remediation»,Haegeumgang Theme museum, Geoje, South Korea 1.11 -25.12 2020.
Participate in «I Segnalati» exibition i Venice, Italy, January 2021.

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