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Far Away And Still Close

by Kari Veastad © All Rights Reserved



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Far Away And Still Close

Take your time and see this image on your unique way.

What do you see?

What is talking to you?

Far away and yet close is made in the childhood home of a family of 10 in the early 1900s. The elders went to America hoping to get a job and start a better life, they traveled as soon as they turned 16 one by one. Five out of eight lived with the America dream where two came back for various reasons. They traveled by boat for three months without knowing what they were traveling to, mobile and telephone did not exist. Those who were at home received exciting America packages but did not know about daily life. How they lived, missed each other, and the lives they were not allowed to take part in as well as worries that arose they had to learn to live with.

No matter how they had it, the heart contact was the same and hearts can fly even when one is not close.

One of the daughters who stayed home was my grandmother of the same name as me.

Awarded to «NewYork city» price and will participate in digital exhibition in NewYork 2021

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