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Bird’s Eye View

by Kari Veastad © All Rights Reserved



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Bird’s Eye View

“Take your time and see this image on your unique way. What do you see? What is talking to you?

Sometimes it’s exciting to look up and see from the other’s point of view, see all sides or just feel for what struck me and what the case is really about. Do you remember to look up or are you most concerned with your own details in the picture which may be a small piece in the whole and important enough.
How high do you want to see and from what angle?
Maybe we get some surprises when we look up;
In everyday life on what I do and why
In the “”storm”” when emotions are in revolt
In my inner struggle that I may not notice.
For what are the fights really about, why and how do I let myself be influenced?
What do I need to accept and let go?
Do I have to do something different if I want a different result.

How about thinking “”BIRD PERSPECTIVE”” when you need to see the world, yourself, your surroundings or you and your relationships in a different LIGHT. “


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