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“My colors and hands take me on a joyous and unfamiliar journey through inner and outer landscapes. I am constantly surprised by what comes on the canvas as different variants of movement and interaction between body, soul, and spirit.”

Kari Veastad

About Kari Veastad

Kari Veastad

Kari Veastad’s aesthetic experimentation focuses on abstract expressionism with the intent to express ideas concerning nature, spiritual experiences, and the complexities of the human psyche. Veastad’s style straddles between representation and exploring color fields with gestural lines. Blurred objects blend into the background while serving as a contrasting highlight to focus on a face or object on the canvas.

Her work’s core mission is to exhibit art that encourages ideas to shape and mold future plans into something better, more efficient, and useful for the world.

Because she leaves interpretation to the observer, what each acrylic painting awakens in your heart and mind is possibly a reflective perspective of the self. She doesn’t put much restrictiveness in her work; her whims dictate every stroke of paint. Veastad creates visual plays that take hold of the observer in a colorful visual embrace. intention behind the lines, shapes, and texture is intentional. Her heritage is displayed in many pieces, blending both cultures that she heralds from.

My inspiration is beauty, movement, and interaction between body, soul, and spirit. My artworks often end up in different directions between inner and outer landscapes, the mystery of life, affiliation to something bigger, or our feelings as is close and simple to all of us.

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